Making a Difference April 3 2011

Written by: Priscilla Larson

Listen, feel it, as you take it all in,
process it, accept it, then file it all away.
After all that it is then you will make a difference,
follow your heart quided by God,
he will never lead you astray.

After overcoming a terrible tragedy,
and you are strong enough to survive the pain.
Your reward will be the ability to perform wonderful miracles,
leading the lost through the pouring rain.

Such goodness that is coming straight from the heart,
will be your ultimate reward.
Lend support, passion leads to a response,
you are right on your path, just keep moving forward.

If you need a little bit of wisdom and advice,
just ask with a generous voice.
Be strong and courageous never discouraged or afraid,
you will know in your heart how to make the right choice.

Something that may seem small to you,
could be your biggest life changing experience.
You quardian angels will show you the way,
suddenly it will all make sense.

Following God's path he has chosen for you,
the outcome will be magical.  
A new sense of control that you now have,
with your life now complete and full.

God's simple touch of your soul, 
will release those chains seetting you free.
Just close your eyes and relax,
seeing only beauty, peace and serenity.

Finally you have reached your destination,
and the gate keeper joyfully opens the gate.  
Lavish in your blessing, enjoy your rewards,
you are finally free from the darkness you hate.