Easter a prayer

Written by: ned flanders

Can one man move a mountain? 
Could his strength be vast? 
Can his memory serve so well, 
He remembers all his past? 

Can one women"s love be measured? 
Could it circle round us all? 
Can her problems all be dealt with, 
No matter what befalls?

Could a child be loved forever, 
Wrapped up safe and warm? 
Till they grow in to an adult, 
Taught to face life"s storms. 

The answer"s to these questions, 
Are locked in side God"s safe. 
The only key"s to open it, 
Are deep inside your faith. 

But life is never easy. 
It"s full of trip"s and spill"s. 
A rocky road to travel, 
With winding road"s and hill"s. 

But if we work together. 
Then faith can free our mind"s. 
Then all the doors to life, 
Will open  for mankind.