Gods' Secret Spot

Written by: Samual Ronthorpe

This poem is done in the Rubaiyat Style. 4 quatrains long. Enjoy.

Gods’ Secret Spot

Oh snap, look what my eye done seen,
A limpid pool reflecting gold and green,
Behind are some peaks, reaching for the sky,
So clean, so pristine.

A little red shack sits on the edge of the plot,
In this land, what you have is what you got,
Life uninterrupted, pure, uncorrupted,
Gods’ little garden, in Gods’ secret spot.

Look to the north and what do I see?
Mighty peaks looking down on me,
But the true wonder of this day,
It’s presented by God, and it’s totally free.

So, when life gets you boiling hot,
And you are bewildered and emotionally shot,
Just remember the serenity you received,
While visiting God’s secret spot.


Written for contest:  Use Rubaiyat Form