Something to Live for

Written by: James Loggins

I have certain days that are not so good
And there are things that do not happen as I think they should
But I know I am lucky to live in this great nation
And that I am a part of God’s creation

Ever since I came into this world twenty-one years ago
I feel fortunate and glad to know
I have a family who cares about and loves me
And that their love will always be

There are days when I curse the rain
And have to go through the pain
Of having to work outside in the hot sun
But I am proud that I complete my chores until they are done

But I just keep coming back to this notion
And in the end feeling this emotion
That I have got more than I realize
I have got handsome features; mostly my eyes

A roof on top of my head
And that I sleep in a comfortable bed
But even when I am tired and sore
I always know I have got something to live for