Beast Beneath

Written by: Michael Smith

Characters, actors…
In my mind doth play
Presence, until the curtain call
Unknown, then afraid!

Seek to quell the voices
Run amok and askew
In depths, directors scream “action”
Then, they take their cue!

Next, Frantic desperation, panic!
The fray to change their will
Only thing to stand between the nightmare and the darkness now
A mislaid bottle lost, accompanied by suppressing pills

Amid mirrored reflections on the wall
The evil grins begins to grow
Cool breezes of the rotting stenches
From cities dark alleys upon my skins bestow

Into the night, lusting for fleshly desires
Gaslight lamps of familiarity ambers glow
Amongst victims in the mist of crusted, dirty streets of ire
Eclipsing, remnants of sanity left to passions throes!