Touch Me- Dusk

Written by: gautami phookan

   I  walk
   thro' the woods
   swirling   whiteness,
   thick  blanket  of   mist ;
   cold ,  it  touches  my  skin.
   my   fingers   reach   out   to   feel
   the  delicate   white  petals  wrapped
   oh!  so  fragile ,  white  bunches  in  green;
   smell   sweet  ,    the   wild   lilies -  of - the - valley.

   I  pick   some   flowers,  a  sound   startles  me,
   forest  with  its  tall  dark  trees  scary.
   a  rustle   behind   me,   I  see
   a  deer  leaps  across  my  path
   fades  in the thickets  green.
   hear   trees  whispering
   frozen   I   stood.
   been touched by
   the dark


5th place in the contest
For the Contest : "Touch me count up and down"
Sponsored by nette onclaud