Written by: Samual Ronthorpe

I am bipolar, That’s what they say, Maybe the mood swings. Gave me away, Maybe it was the battle going on; Much deeper inside, That caused me to run, That caused me to hide. Peaks and valleys, up and down, Try to stay the course, They pull and they push, twisting, Tug and shove, inside out, I am powerless to this force, I am not living, just existing. The world is full of wonders, Happy breezes are blowing, The fresh air tastes sweet, My aura radiates, I am glowing, Roaming free on the open range, Mania rules on the peak, Soon it will change. This evil is back, Taunting me, haunting me, An overbearing cloak of black, Do not cross me, Or you will come to regret, The beast that swims, In my twisted sea. It’s too late, It has begun; crystal clear, Eyes wide open; heavy breathing, Tunnel vision and hate, The beast is seething, No time to run, no time for fear, Submit to fate. Regret is a vengeful troll, Who is always around, Rage is the noise, making a deafening sound, Anger is a blanket, suffocating my soul, Tortuously slow, Eating me alive, keeping me cold. No place to turn, nowhere to go. Never give in, never give up hope, In view of the trouble ahead, Buckle up and try to cope, Remember what I said, This is you destiny, punishment for your sins, To wait for history to repeat again.