Music Sings to Me

Written by: gautami phookan


The  serenading   air  atop  a  hill, a girl's  song, her  lilting  voice; 
      Rain  pelting  on  the  pavement,  squelching,  making  a lot of  noise.
          Rain,  it  rains  on  me;  as  music  it  sings  to  me.
              And  I  set   off  on  my  musical  trail,  I see  nature  rejoicing.
               Water  moving  between the  rushes,   splashes  on  sculling  of oars;
                 A  whistling  thrush  when  trills,  or  the  shrill  calls  of  seagulls  ashore.
                  Sweet  notes  on   a  fiddle  and  one  fluting  along;
                   A  lonely  bagpiper's   song!--  music  sings  to  me.

10th place in the contest
For the contest: "Music and Meditation"
Sponsored by Dr Ram Mehta

Written by : Gautami Phookan