Oh Sweetheart

Written by: ugenteraan manogaran

Oh sweetheart,
How could I ever evince my Love for thee
in this freezing Love winter could not even walk free
Im just awaiting you under this vast ancient tree
Where we used to date in the frigid morning at three

With the buzzing artful sound of a bee
and the sweet taste of a hot coffee
I do a marriage proposal, will you agree?
please accept so I drown in the sea of glee

Oh sweetheart,
Even by a mistake if you turned down my proposal
Black would be the colour of the apple
No more glossy shall be the crystal
Between Angels and God shall blast a quarrel
And the Demons shall be forever immortal
Open burning will it be in every jungle
On this Earth, shall the buildings crumble

Oh sweetheart,
For me, you, in this world are the most precious
No more you, no more meaning for christmas
You became the pure brightness
For my world's evil darkness
Be with me and shall the story become endless....