Picking up the pieces

Written by: Matt Hunt

I feel betrayed, even with the love we made
it never really mattered to you
How could you leave, and burden me
with all this pain I now bare
Didn't it matter, that I loved you with all of my heart and soul?
That I cried with you, took strides with you, would have died for you?
I guess that didn't count for anything of importance.
Now I'm left with nothing but regret.
Not because I loved you, but because I gave you my heart
The part that I can't ever get back
They say that parting is such sweet sorrow, that tomorrow hope begins anew
I can attest that there is nothing sweet about you leaving, and you saying we're 
I'll pick up the pieces, and carry on like I always do
But just remember/Baby, a part of me is always with you.