One sweet day

Written by: Matt Hunt

One day, I'm going to find my second chance
The chance to take you out like I always should have done
The chance to love you with all of my heart, instead of worrying with shun
The chance to hold you in my arms, free of prejudiced eyes that pierce
The chance to caress you free of all irrational fears
One day, I'm going to get the nerves to ask you for your hand
The chance to give you all you ever deserved in life and more
The chance to withhold absolutely nothing, my love that I adore
The chance to cry in front of you with absolutely no chance of embarrassment or 
The chance to lie with you and give you all of my complete being, no amount of time 
being set
One day, I'm going to grow old with you 
The chance to raise our children in a loving home
The chance to work till my weakness hits my bones
The chance to spoil our grandkids just to give them back
The chance to love you more everyday, nothing will I lack
One day, I'm going to pass away.....But today I'm just going to love you