My Beloved

Written by: john aaron green

 I was before the creation of the earth,

even through the terrible curse.

 The words of my father created you all,

for fellowship and love, and for his call.

 I became one of you, to see your pain,

to change the world, to glorify him.

 Gather unto me, you that are broken and weary,

i can heal your spirit, so you can choose clearly.

 The things i offer, are not man made,

but made of my father, and never fade.

 Not of works, not of this place,

free for you, from his beloved grace.

 My father sent me, to come to you,

to save your life, and get you through.

 I am where you dwell, so ask me in,

i will abide, forever your friend.

by johnaarongreen

copyright 2008