I ride the wind

Written by: Bobb Marly

17 April 2011  9:45 Am

I ride the wind and travel the earth
I always ave since the begining of my birth

I was consieved within the heart of God
And was born on the wind from the mouth of God

We rushed forth as He said " Let there be Light"
And across the waters we started our flight

We helped dry the land as the waters gathered to form the sea
We cleaned the dust from the plants as God declared them to be

The wind whistled a gleefull tune through the trees
As He made the stars for all to remember me

Then we helped Gods birds learn to fly as we supported their wings
We made waves on the ocean for His fish to help keep it clean

And then we watched with awe and wonder
As He created creatures of every kind and splendor

The last was made with His very hands
In His own image He made man

We were drawn into His lungs
And He breathed us out into His creation His young

The man opened up his eyes to see
The Father of all and the wind and me

And as God looked around at what He had done 
He settled down to rest and that was week one

Who am I you ask? Who can I be?
Why I am time and history!