Simple times

Written by: Bobb Marly

16 April 2011 9:40 PM
Those simple times
When big brother was blind
The tube was just for the news
The easy chair, dad was there we helped him with his shoes
For a hard days work a home cooked supper his reward
A post and plank worn smooth by shoes a childs slideing board
Relatives visit meant late night play
Chasing fire flys hide and seek and singing lessons from Kay
Church on wensday twice on sunday
A time of freinds a time to pray
Pray we did and worship for sure
Singing so loud it was heard by our Lord
Mountain hikes with my buddy Greg
Eating blackberries and picking thorns from my leg
Dreams of the future and the girls down the road
Learning the difference between frogs and toads
Those were times that went by fast
Those were times that could not last
A Time of sunshine a time of fun
A shots echo from the valley below and off we run
Now my clock ticks fast as theirs is wound
Before they know their feet will touch ground
And with their dreams of tomorrow off they will run
Occasionally looking back remembering the fun
Of those simple times oh those dear simple times
When big brother was blind