Written by: Anne Rutherford

 You're getting ready to leave 
  this mortal realm. 
  Suffering, all in vain.
  Never want you to depart.

  Even though in my heart ,
  I want you to remain,
  Part of me will leave with you.

  Angels will be waiting for you
  to arrive.
  Trumpets will announce that fateful
  Resurrection, with deep refrain.

  There's a part of me that wants
  everything the same.
  Back before the years gave way to
  age, that breaks down life's game.

  Now it's too late for any change,
  we must carry on the same.
  When that fateful day is here,
  You will hear me say,

  Walk slowly my dear one ,
  waiting for me,
  Time will bring us back 
   together again.

  Copyright 2011
  Anne Rutherford 
  Poems From The Heart

  The day came on Nov 17th 2011