On The Highway Of Love

Written by: Tavip Endro Yuwono

The voices that come out of the fog in the night
sound like rhyme :
O…my young lover
Hasn’t it come the time for you 
to open your hazy and lonely heart
and get involved in my sparkling light of love
in the rest of life of yours…
About the very long days
and the great deals of happenings which have gone
you’d better forget them
Never mind.
But just come really closer to me
in my embrace
there will be a warming song of longing for you.

O…my young wanderer on the highway of love
Wake up from your cradle of your passionate lust
Stand up
Be ready and adorn yourself
with the bead of my yearning.
If my longing hum is heard by you from a far
at the crack of dawn
first thing in the morning
give it a hug of yours
because together with the chilly dawn
my warming song of longing will come through.