'Friendship' in Haste, Lit Op 6

Written by: Karlo De Leon

1 My fellow, my friends,
We are gathered in ends
To our formerly path
Of individuality
And each one share now
A lane of their road.

2 Oh, the array
Of trails we display
I view them all,
As gold threads sewed
In the clothing of Awe

3 For I am aware,
Hence we shall beware,
That even majestic architectures,
Do hold the prone to be clawed
And be designed by those
resting black crows.

4 Every walk we tread
We are getting not far
To be gathered again
Then bid bitter farewells
Going farther towards,

5 The love that linked
Our paths from the past
This do not deserve
to be compared
For ours are the best in its kind!