Part 1, On the Other Side of the Mirror, Lit Op 1

Written by: Karlo De Leon

Narrator’s View I

1 Day I was born, I have questions my own,
My heart and my soul would willingly ask,
But I’m all vessel with Innocence’s crown,
Nor these are normal, new born’s hourly task

2 Likewise a tree all in island alone,
I was dwelling where in all I know least,
Doing nothing’s all I can do but mourn,
To the answers I seek, stilled in the mist,

3 And to come with the time where I can gaze,
Upon those clearest of lights from the sky,
I saw the world painted most joyful days,
And details of sadness that made me sigh,

4 To wander, to seek, my eyes were then fixed,
To a Place where all seemed painted the same,
And then my heart whom drummed as if
were tricked,
Did spoke to me from the other side came:

Song of Reality

5 To you I greet and welcome to this world,
Land of Reality, seen is adored!
Come herein we give treasures of doses,
And golden beds with cushions of roses!

6 We walk upon the sands of truth and real,
To where are path, the moon-left waters seal,
And when the light of dark had fetched the East,
The waves refine where no marks left to feast.

7 And to our west, the greatest River flow,
To where we behold its rushing sorrows,
No dates we ever face the current’s root,
Ahead are vultures dancing on their loot!

8 These dreams of men that rule many a month,
Destiny and time’s harmony shall grant,
But these the sea and sky had owed to make,
Meet at horizon—illusions are fake!

9 For all these are good if summit attained,
But failure achieved, crude hope still remained,
All trials and works will product to naught,
Unless the sea and sky—together brought.

10 This is the world’s nature, fruit of God’s will,
Older than the first stream of lights he seal,
That this nature, to the man’s realm must live,
All men shall receive, to smile or to grieve.

11 No gods are we to change all everything,
To make the crows cry, to make the snakes sing,
Sorrow and sadness the world has to grow,1q2
But all feel comfort, the great River’s flow…

... Stanzas 12-22 on Part 2