Surfing in the Sea of Sweet Love

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

The postcard reads"Wish You Were  Here"

Then I see the sea of loves wave on how

We behave... The sea waves rush and

Your surfboard gets drenched. Is this a

Dream you wonder and nothing but gushes

Of extremely salty water gives water gives

Us both a potent pinch. Your surfboard stands

High nearly touching the clear blue sky. The sun

Of sweet love has us sweating from strenuous

Activity. Oh in glee we are both surfing in the

Sea of sweet love getting soaking wet from

Below and above. The postcard reads "Come

Join Me" Then us surfing in the sea of sweet

Love will no longer be fantasy but reality.

Surfing in the sea of love drenching the

Surfboard roughing the waves that won't

Behave and that's okay. One day the postcard

Will read "What a wonderful vacation1 Y'all come

Back to love nation." Surfing in the sea of sweet

Love is a vacation to savor on any board like

Surface. Surfing in the sea of sweet love is

A dream worth having to get pinched by the

Saline waves. Surfing in the sea of sweet love

Is what is by both of us craved. Come over

Here and ride the waves, the postcard says!