Night Blues

Written by: Nicole Sharon Brown

My momma done told me to come here

Where the nights are really blue

My momma done birthed me here

To a place where there are two faced men

And women too. This place is dark of all

The time. My momma raised me here

And nothing has changed. Green rules

The blues. Material things are always

At the heart of the blues. Clues are given

By the way that the walk, talk, and gyrate.

Tornado winds twist as a intellectual gets

The gist of what's going on in the inside of

Their blues selves. Wow the night is blue

It is always dark out here. My momma done told me

To come here to the midnight blue. My momma

Done birthed me here and the womwn and men

Are two faced too. Welcome to the seldom bright

Night blues. Come here if your momma done told you dear!