Two Minds

Written by: Yvette Bass

I fall in two minds that leave me with mixed feelings and questions...should I love 

you or let you go?

Am i sure that i need you? Will i ever know?

Why did i fall so hard? Why was it you i fell for?

How did you scar my heart so bad? Why do i love you more than before?

Should i move on before it's too late?

Why is it when i work, i can never concentrate?

Who else will i meet that i find is made for me?

Why do i think you were really made for me?

Why are you the poison running through my vains?

Is there a cure for these memories planted in my brain?

Will there ever be a time i can't tell you how i feel anymore?

Do you think i'd still wait for you until forever? Am i even sure?

I'm lost in what to do, so what can i say?

If wishes come true, why can't things my way?