World Wide Wacky dot Leaders dot Nut

Written by: Tavip Endro Yuwono

Let’s look at our wars, rebellions,
riots and disturbances
which have been burning our world up till now.
Baghdad, Jerusalem, Gaza, West Bank, Mindanao,
Ambon, Aceh and many other places in the world
have been burnt out.
So much blood has shed
Too many lives have lost in vain
What have we really been looking for?
What have we really been showing off?
Looking for an honor?
Keeping world peace?
Reaching a glory?
Winning a victory?
Showing off patriotism, nationalism?
Striving for jihad or the spirit of religion?
No. Absolutely not
We have not been doing anything of the sorts
but for our own sake only,
that is to satisfy our evil passions.
We have, of course, found nothing except
bigger and bigger hatred which spread
all around the world
We have exactly showed off nothing except
our greed to own what other people own.

Let’s look at again and again
the crashes our doings have resulted,
the chaos our actions have caused.
People, children and women who are innocent
have been killed by our bullets, missiles and bombs
Let’s ask our inner heart some questions:
Is that in a fair way to reach our world peace?
Is that in a fair way to unite our mankind?
Is that also in a fair way to affirm our humanity?
We all certainly will answer at once :
No. Absolutely not
(But of course
who is the man will plead himself his insanity …
We are all in fact though.
(It is exactly we all who have become insane.)