Tremolo to a Vibrato

Written by: John Heck

Tremolo to a vibrato

when loud words
are coughed forth
from the inside.
A chest aches -
and history repeats itself.

Adaggio calls me again -
deaf ears stretch
my arms open
and upside down smiles
your imagination
into sepia tones.

Tremolo to a vibrato

when slick consonants
of clever abuse
peel my naked shadow
from your wall
and quietly sing me
onto your fine linen sheets.

Your fingertips burn.
Ego and psyche tucked -
I am aloe assaulted
with fist-folded skin
clamped upon my mouth.
Nausea will hush my tears 
as they rise and blend
into a cacophony
of eager reminders.

Lost epiphanies bleed
atop blaring crescendos -
the notes scatter
like malnourished roaches
and history repeats itself.

Tremolo to a vibrato

I'm trapped inside a lost journal -
where there are
no watchful eyes in back of me.
An embarrased immigrant is
stripped of his
challenged wares
and cursed sanctions;
learning how to believe in
the truthful lies
of my masochistic mentor.

I usually excuse 
my tattered ignorance.
Self loathing and wanting comes
with the territory -
when my masts are down
and I'm anxiously anchored
inside your nurturing claws;
I sing aloud.

Tremolo to a vibrato -
history repeats itself.

Tremolo to a vibrato - please

don't sing back.