Grandma Aesop's Apples - Overture

Written by: John Heck

My dearest one -
you oft traversed my well tended garden.
A panacea I personally created
to massage your ailing id.
A garden similar to the wondrous patchworks
found in Eden.

A recreational playground
of neatly lined tree varietals.
Peach, fig, pear and apple trunks -
are surrounded by the glory of lilac bushes
scores of majestic dahlias,
and a plethora of multi-colored hibiscus.

My grandmother taught me many things,
my dearest one.

When I was knee high to her apron hem -
she wrapped me up 
within a hatful of stars -
sprinkled with
magic and miracles and morals.
These were her gifts to my soul,
my mind
and my heart.

Without ribbons or bows,
she filled my senses
with a cornucopia of brilliance and logic.
She passed unto me
the precious gifts of observation and decision.

She taught me about apples.

Grandmother guided me through her prized orchard one misty morn.
She held two bushels in her trembling hands.
She extended one of them towards me and said -
"Take this my sweetheart and follow me
for you shall learn something very important today."

She lovingly cooed..."We have two bushels.
One is for Good and the other for Bad."
She continued to liltingly sing..."Apples are like relationships.
There are Good ones and there are Bad."

"However, one should understand and determine 
the signs between the two
and separate them accordingly."