'nite Mom...

Written by: John Heck

Your loving persistence
mixed with blissful insistence
and reassuring assistance...
is always bestowed so sweetly.

Your charm is beguiling
giving me smooches while smiling
harken closely - and I’ll sing...
all of your praises quite neatly.

You are constantly there
amidst the angst and despair -
dulcet declarations repair...
the worrisome wounds in my head.

An endearing embrace
filled with affection and grace
gently put my fears in their place...
without one harsh word being said.

I hear small unfortunates weep -
devoid of sweet lullabies at sleep
to cleanse the sting
in their heads and their chest.
Tasting the tears of their plight -
they clutch torn teddy bears at night
praying one day, they too, will be blessed.

Your unselfish concern
spoken aloud or taciturn
were the sweet lessons I’ve learned...
soft sonnets resound in my heart.

All the love you have shown
throughout the years as I’ve grown
has united my soul with your own...
never to be broken apart.

Your soothing warm trust
is always gentle and just
making it quite clear that one must...
"let your attributes shine like a gem.”

But at night, as I sleep
I hear unfortunates weep
pondering the gifts they would reap...
if I could show-and-tell share you
with them.

'nite, Mom…