Written by: yesica lantigua

My poor pen, spill its ink on a white sheet of paper in form of the thoughts that leak from a 
desperate mind. A mind that desperately tries to express to the sheet of paper what other 
distracted minds could not remember, what a wounded heart could not feel, and what teary 
eyes refused to see.

My poor pen, sad and distracted thinks that his ink will end just like good times do. It kills 
him that with time the written words will become too heavy for the sheet of paper to hold. 
And, little by little the words and thoughts will seep through the holes that the years and 
wise bookworms will leave behind on what will no longer be a white sheet of paper.

While the mind, desperately looks for the forgotten feelings, my pen rests in the hands of 
the poet. Bravely accepting that it is slowly losing its ink like a young old man loses his 

At time, it feels used, alone, sad, and feels as if it was nothing but a witness to the despair of 
a lonely mind that takes refuge on a piece of paper.