Lotte Lehmann

Written by: Gert W. Knop

Lotte Lehmann  (Sentanka)

Charlotte Lehmann
Die große Opernsängerin
Sie schrieb und filmte

Ihr Ruhm bleibt unvergessen
Und bot den Nazis die Stirn

Charlotte Lehmann
The great opera singer
She wrote and filmed

Her fame will always be remembered
And she defied the Nazis 

Charlotte Lehmann
La gran vocalista de ópera
Ella escribió y filmó

Su fama siempre será recordado
Y desafió a los nazis 

Note: Charlotte Lehman, known as Lotte Lehman, born in 1888 in Perleburg, Germany, and one of my relatives, was a famous opera singer in Europe and the USA. She emigrated from Vienna to the USA in 1937. She sang at the Metropolitan Opera in New York from 1934 to 1945. In 1951 she retired from public live and gave singing
instructions. One of her scholars was the well-known opera singer Grace Bumbry. Lotte Lehmann was also a writer and poetess and a filmmaker. She died in 1976 in Santa Barbara, California and was buried at the famous Vienna Central Cemetary in 1977.