The Clouds

Written by: Brenda Atry

Buoyant on the North west winds;
Shredded clouds expose a half moon eye.
An eye that stares cautiously at
The hyphens of cars below.

Stratus sunsets trace the highway,
That leads to my refuge, 
and shields me from the voyeur and the oncoming night.

I sit upright against unforgiving vinyl,
on the back of a bus that rebounds daily,
between New York City and my nightly abode.

I watch the cirrus race the Greyhound 
and the Mustangs running in packs of three.
A spyglass has formed within a white nimbus,
an oval window into the crowded heavens.

The clotheslines of the Gods turn to skyrockets,
Shooting masterful projections upward,
Now, composed as arrows that hasten
An antelopes final good night.
Clouds drift away without shadow or fault.

The clouds, the clouds
I alone with my burden,
Where do they go?