one more for the road 2 for mothers day

Written by: Lucinda Bulger

June 28, 2007

Something wonderful;
Something I just can't measure
or even measure up to
a mother like you
There have been times unpleasant;
I know there is a lesson
in the end of the day
So I patiently wait
and ask God to please give you a long life
Maybe some day you will see me achieve;
do something right
Of all the mistakes
the one I regret the most
Is not telling you how very much I appreciate
and who you are to me
Without you
it would be the greatest,most disheartening loss
I could experience;
as mother to mother
I know this
So I say this all now to you
because I don't know what else I could do
to tell you how very special you are;
deep you have impacted this heart;
at this moment,
from the very start