Written by: gautami phookan

~~    ~~    ~~

F lowering   clusters   amidst   a  green   canopied  tree,
R adiant  sight ,  the  exotic  flowers  golden - white.
A  sweet scented  fragrance,  from  petals  dew  drops  drip,
N estled   in   emerald   trees  at  their  branch  tips.
G od's   showers   in   my   flower   garden,
I nnate  beauty  upon  earthly  paradise.
P icked   by  pretty  maidens  to  adorn  their  hair,
A llures  my  heart  to  see  the  flowery  affair.
N ature's   blossoms  in  golden  spring,
I mpression  of   jewels  unfolding.


*another name for Frangipani is Plumeria,
Hula dancers of Hawaii wear them in their hair.

2nd place in the contest
For the Contest : "Flowers of Spring"
Sponsored by Carol Brown