This Life, So Tough

Written by: susan viscione

Sometimes life seems so damn tough,
as I toss my head around,
It's time, I SCREAM, I've had enough,
on the table, my hands pound,
I try to do the very right thing,
and pass good on to others,
try to lend a helping hand,
to fellow sisters and brothers,
the things I need, pretty basic,
but I can't seem to get em,
and time goes eratic,
these days I feel like I'm losing my mind,
I'm getting so behind,
Please, just give me one good break,
I'll do great, that's what you'll find,
they say God gives, only what you can take,
but how much is too much?
before I start to crack and break,
Please let me see, the forest through the trees,
give me a chance,
to be productive and be me.