Written by: delysia hendricks

I see this perfect moon-lit night
with million heart-shaped stars in sight
ill-clad with none but drooping leaves
a fig-tree fraught with a disease
its beauty once majestic spoilt
in battle lost ‘gainst arid soil 

Against all odds with all its might
a lone fig struggling to the light
I near the tree with footsteps sure
and marvel at perfection pure
a beauty of blue-blooded type
abstained for years I match its ripe

Then common sense lets turmoil in
footsteps once sure now uncertain
like Eve had been that first aeon 
I’m gripped twixt hard rock and a stone:
like angels do, with caution tread
or foolishly go right ahead?

I gaze to heav’n the slightest while
a star winks with the merest smile
I wink back once, fig’s beauty draws
no human born without its flaws
entranced, I reach to nature’s art
a softness settles in my heart

I’m awestruck by my juicy dish
on first bite I will make a wish
I pare my find with great aplomb
perfection glows within its womb
I wish upon my luscious feast
well soon I too would be deceased

The love was pure twixt you and me
from knee-high way past puberty
your final gift bore on bent knee
aware your last meal it would be
our fig we shared with great delight
first you, then me, alternate bites

Heart’s softness hardens, deeply torn
a lone tear in each eye is born
they multiply, become yet more
in memory of our days of yore
this perfect fig brought none but pain
no fig will pass my lips again