These Three Words I Love YOU

Written by: Jim Pemberton


I was thinking of something God 
spoke to me the other day.
It was powerful and almost 
“took my breath away…”

These three words; “I love YOU!”  Were clearly spoken…
I didn’t know what to do.  I felt worn out and broken…

I cried and waited for something
 to change from within.
This “voice” I heard…  Would I hear it again???

I looked for a bible.  Any one I could find …
I had to seek an answer to settle my mind.

I opened up to the book of John and began reading…
I realized it was Jesus… That my life was needing.

I read the first few chapters including John 3:16.
About God’s love, which can make my heart clean

I was so thankful and joy came deep inside.
   bowing  my head ...   I  wept and cried.

I was sorry for the many sins I had committed.
Jesus forgave me…  Now my sins were omitted!

I’m so thankful for the gift of life I received.
When I came to Jesus and simply believed!!!

I am drinking of the living water
 that never shall run dry.
God has promised ;   " all of  your  needs.
   I shall supply! " 

Thanks be to God! Glory and praise
 I shall give him!
Won’t you give him a chance?  He’s here to listen! 

He alone can do what no other power could never do!
The words he speaks to everyone are; "I LOVE YOU!” 

Listen to his words…  It’s a heart-felt invitation…
You too can receive his mercy and salvation!


By Jim Pemberton    01/28/11