Written by: Tino Empulu

Punish me not for the sins of my youth,
I stand here today before you to confess the truth,
of the venial indiscretions of my youth.
A lost soul of this planet I once was,
A troublemaker who never knew no bounds,
I broke the commandments in many-a-rounds,
Of drunkenness, carelessly living in sin,
Ignorant and selfish, I cheated to win.

I spent most days in the dark corners of the street,
Getting into trouble, I was indiscreet.
With the Devil on my side, I drove with pride,
Taking all I could, it was a pleasant ride.
Setting fire on objects with a single spark,
Deeper and deeper, I fell in the dark.

The light tried to reach me but I was too afraid,
My eyes so sensitive, blind I stayed.
You tried to reach for me Lord but I hid away,
Many-a-nights I stayed up and cried the night away.
Because what I used to think gave me joy,
Was actually out to have me destroyed. 

Now that I’ve grown Lord and I fear your wrath,
Please shine your light lord and show me the path,
To righteousness, and I will follow it now,
Until I reach your destination, to this I vow.
But it’s so hard and I’ve struggled much,
to try and break free from the Devil’s clutch,
Please Lord, free me from his horrible touch. 
To show I am worthy, I accept this test,
Of trial and tribulation, I will not rest.
Give me strength Lord, please take my hand,
And guide me safely from this unholy land.
Punish me not for the sins of my youth,
As I stand here before you to confess the truth,
Of the venial indiscretions of my youth.

My heart is heavy coz I’m burdened with sin,
But with you by my side Lord I’m sure to win.
As long as I remember you and never forget,
That you love me infinite, I’ll never regret,
Having opened my eyes and embracing the light,
Standing up to the Devil, I’m ready to fight.