The Legend of Craftsman Manole

Written by: iolanda Scripca

There was a builder named Manole
-a genius in his craft-
His reputation reached a knight
who hired him at once
to build a stunning monastery 
on the Romanian land...

Whenever builder named Manole
was finishing his task
An evil rain demolished walls
with envy in its drops
and yet again brick onto brick 
he built his reputation - thick

So on a stormy day wife of Manole
Was sacrificed as she reached his site
With bricks and tears and tears and bricks
He sealed the wall - as pillar ...  she with child -
While selfish knight heard builders on the roof:
"Next time a greater church we'll plan"

Demonic knight removed the ladders
and let them stranded  so they would die
Manole said:"Let's build tough wings of shingles"
And one by one they tried to fly
As deadly force attracted to their Fate...
Since then the breeze is crying loud...with child...

for Carolyn and John's Contest "Legends"