Book Of Rhyme and Reason

Written by: Ellen Fahey

    "I never travel without my diary, one should always have
     something sensational to read.......Oscar Wilde, 1891

                                                                                           April 10, 2011
      Dear Diary,

             Though some have suggested
             I lend my thoughts to you,
             writing in a diary
             was never my thing to do.

             It felt so strange to scribble 
             my thoughts, when I took the time,
             that is, until I realized
             that God gave me the gift of rhyme.

             Now it seems that all my thoughts
             have the same sounding ends,
             and since I've joined Poetry Soup,
             I'm making lots of poet friends!

             So, if you will indulge me,
             dear book of rhyme and reason,
             I'd like to write you a couplet or two
             or even a carpe diem!

                                                                                 Always your poet,
                                                                                           Ellen <3

                                      ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~   ~

              Contest:  The Diary
              Sponsor: ~~ A Rambling Poet ~~
              Poet:  Ellen Fahey