Written by: delysia hendricks

The voices in my head spake thus:
"Pray heed a word from all of us
should what we prate to you make sense
as host we deem you somewhat dense

'Tis folly to believe we're real
to banish us would be ideal
we're products of your fantasy,
your own authentic fallacy

We're sexless; neither gents nor dames
pray brand us not with human names.
as playmates we have little worth
we're in your head, not human-birthed

Engage us not in dialogue
stick to one-sided monologue
our sole aim is to multiply
we're occupied, hence no reply

We find you're too inquisitive
and may we say insensitive
to eavesdrop, as you are inclined
(pardon the pun) where you've no mind

And now, dear host, we beg of thee
for some degree of privacy
scant your right to our domain
seek elsewhere to be entertained."