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Written by: jeffry cohan

                                      GOD CRAM IT

Isn’t it ironic that every time you think God has let up on you for a while
He steals your most cherished item or lover along with a rented smile
At exactly the point you know that hope is a thing of the past for you
God sneaks up and grants you something too good to  be true

And see, that’s my  point, it seems so good that it can’t be real
And only forty-seven angels in Heaven know the way I feel
But based on past experience and what I’ve been through
Ain’t nothing new about him blessing and cursiing me with you

But as love doubled, tripled and exponentially increased
God kicks me in the ass and says “sorry, that lover was only leased”
He adds a remark like “and I won’t let her, by you, ever again to be rented
S**t, talk about all the stuph God has done that I've resented

So ironic as it seems this is all the God given truth, I know
And I can tell you in exquisite detail just where your Lord and you can go
You are just the latest lady to jump in and out of my life of late
And I understand, your God told me that when I purchase you there ins’t any rebate
    © 2010.….Poefree