Written by: anthony beesley

Girl.remember what your mama told you...
Twirlin your hair in defiance and anger
Never look inside the soul of a stranger
Beautifully bold the wolf chases his rabbit
Running through're his homocidal habit

Taking the risk the tale turns and twists
Just like Scheindler you made the top of the devils hit list
Oddball queen to quivering outlaw
The stranger makes another house call

You hold the ball and court is in session
Deep end desires...curses and blessings
Undress you with his eyes and penetrates you with his mind
Rights and wrongs start to blur and go blind

Tongues get tied like a lyrical noose
On streets of seduction the bad beast is loose
Hair hanging over Hell your hourglass spills
Pain and pleasure heard in Heaven and Hell
Machine gun man with the rebel yell
Like shooting ghosts in a storm of the past
You're the first in line but still dead last

Still you cock the gun and blast him into the extinct
Cause the stranger never figured that your weakness was your strength
Now that once so frightened rabbit sends the stranger to his grave