Sun and shadows

Written by: anthony beesley

It's all about sun and shadows...good times and bad
Waking and sleeping...happy and sad
Black clouds and rain
blue skies and white doves
Peace,love and beauty...fear,hate and mistrust

It's all about sun and shadows...rolling dice and coin flips
Roller coaster rides and terrifying death trips
Slide and slip
The head and the tail
Rising and falling...the sexual spell

It's all about sun and shadows...darkness before the dawn
Living and dying
Prophets and pawns
Sacrifice and peice at a time
Tiny figments and fragments slowly robbing them blind
Kindness of killers and savagery of saints
One time passifists put on angry armor and war paint
Green lights say go...stop signs and red flags

It's all about sun and shadows that make this world just what it is