I Am From No Set Label

Written by: Brittany Gentry

I am from country living and bareback riding
But you wouldn't know that 'cause i keep hiding
I look like I'm gothic but i really don't bite
Trust me I'm not that big of a fright

I am from backyard football and gymnastics
I'm sorry, I'm not really a romantic
Playing videogames and household chores
While findin' time to hang with the boys

I am from western saddles and drag racing
My dad's camaro going through it's fast paces
Wanting my own classic beauty
Just wanna be seen as groovy

I am from dark poetry and hard back books
Not really caring how everyone looks
Never caring how they see me
Because I am who I want to be

I am from darkness and not of the light
Sorry, it may seem a fright
I once had dreams that frightened me so
They wanted me dead, but i said no

I am from children of the dark
And in the night I awake with a start
Feeling unknown forces in my head
Voices that filled my being with dread

I am from misunderstanding and many wrong looks
Many people think I seem like a crook
But I am from no set label
And I don't think I will ever be able