Written by: jeffry cohan


I scribe these words to my dear Ms. Yesterday
Lest she remain unawares of how I’m doing since she walked away
Pardon me for preconceiving that she might care
But in my life a lady like her was remarkably rare

She is young in heart, body and soul
And to remain youthful was her one and only goal
I’d run with her in the morning and walk at night
And the funny thing is the moon was out but she made the sky bright

My dear Ms. Yesterday if you care to know how I am now
Just think about the sodden sorrow any loss can endow
My tears are the only gift my sadness has to give
And probably will remain so as long as I live

So Ms. Yesterday, must I remind you of when I watched  you leave with my heart
You packed it in your luggage which a gentleman wheeled on a cart
Suffice it to say my dear I was overwrought and am not doing well
However, I would be faring a lot better if this note was delivered to you in hell
    © 2010.… cee!