Written by: Shirley Madeleine

Another new born comes on earth
Another man leaves this world
Another brand new day has arrive
Another night falls
Life continues to roll
The earth go round and round
Another heart breaks
Tears falls
Another heart feels happy
Smile on faces
What has this earth becomes
To deserve all this cruelty
Earth continues to suffer
But who is to blame
It's us human that is responsible
On the judgement day there will be grind teeth
What will the new generation be like
If the example of its ancestors
Is just bad example
They will think that its normal
The earth will continues to suffer
My  brothers has once sings
Together we've tried
All has just blown away in the wind
Human has become more dangerous
We don't know the meaning of sharing anymore
Just pouring of blood each and every day
Poor this earth
Is drowning in the blood of innocent
Accomplish will continues to clap hands
The good for nothing will keep saying that he deserve it
What's this earth becoming
Let's save our generation
Not tomorrow, not tonight
But right now