Written by: jeffry cohan


I wrote my lover a letter saying I wish you were here
I’m as lonely as a dove whose mate just died
In that letter I made my need for her amply clear
And I would let her know when all my tears finally have dried

Being alone like this banishes me to the limit of poisonous pain
Caught in a trap with no one to speak with or to
I’m consumed by damnation, disaster and disdain
While it’s really not easy to do that which I must do

Wishing she were here with me is absolutely futile
As I fuss and fight with Satan from far below 
And not seeing her standing before me is brutal
It brutalizes and bruises me from head to toe

I wrote my lover a letter saying “my dear, I miss you so”
And if God knows what I should do please, I pray tell
If she ever got to read those words I will never know
Because there is no “Receipt return requested in hell”
                    © 2010.…….free cee