The Superior Soldier

Written by: Tino Empulu

I am a superior soldier and death is my mission,
my mission is death. 
I have pledged allegiance
to serve my country and protect it against any foe, 
foreign or domestic. 
Death can come for me at any time
but my killer instincts and my instincts to kill, 
will ensure my survival. 
I have been taught obedience
and discipline and without them I cannot function
according to the chain of command. 
Disobedience will bring me pain, but nevertheless
pain is something I have learned to befriend 
‘coz in death I will feel no pain.
I take him everywhere I go and especially in combat.
my opponent could be a deadly adversary, 
but I pray each night for strength to fight another day.
I’ve growned accustomed to the bloodshed
and my determination for victory 
makes me the ultimate killing machine.
Because of my trainings, I have relinquished all fears 
and must display courage in the presence of my enemies.
I am a soldier by nature and my mission is death,
Death is my mission.