ThE aMoUnT oF lOvE

Written by: terrah young

The amount of love you have for 
someone, seems too always be 
greater than the 
amount of pain they give you,... 
Becuase no matter how much they 
hurt you ,.. you 
chose to stay... Strength is nothing 
more than how well you hide the 
pain,... Not all 
scars show, Not all wounds HeAl, 
Sometimes you cant always see the 
pain someone else
feels,.. Love me when i least deserve 
it, becuase that is when i need it the 
Michael my love,... im sorry that i 
am soo mean i just want you too 
know that i love 
you with every depth of my soul,.. 
even tough we dont always get 
along when were 
apart its those kind of things that i 
miss!!! I love you my sweet and