Written by: jeffry cohan

It’s awake
I hear it shake
From the inside out
I hear it shout
It’s losing self-esteem
And now I hear it scream
I hear it ‘s tormenting yell’
Advising us that the alternative to this is Hell

See the man cut down another tree
Oh well, one less for my grandson to trim
From a forest of rain  to woodlands in pain
And things are looking damnably dim

This is a world regurgitating volcanoes
While there are too many maniacs killing
And what will be left for my grandson no one knows
Unless we stop the blood from spilling

I can hear it getting angrier by the day
While we wait for devastation to kill thousands more
Inside it rumbles and waits to erupt
While we wait for devastation to kill by the score
Because it’s mad about the things mankind will corrupt  

Will my grandson still have fresh water to drink?
It surely makes me think
What will we leave for our grandchildren and theirs?
And it could fashion itself mighty quicker than you can blink
And it makes me think

I hear it scream
They are  blind to the steam
And it’s not a dream
This isn’t Hell but we’re heading that way
As we pollute every ocean, lake and each bay
Now I’m certainly no prophet so I can’t say
All I can do for this aching planet is pray 
        © 2011.…..~free cee!~