I Opened My Bible Today

Written by: Judith Angell Meyer

I opened my Bible today.
The first thing I noticed was how yellow the pages seemed -
then the odor of it rose to my nostrils,
my head filled with images.

At first I thought how sad -
I should be ashamed of myself.
Has it been so long since I opened my Bible
that it smells of a book lost in the dark recesses of a library?

One pushed, little by little,
to the back,
as if it was set aside for newer and more exciting volumes -
possibly soon for the discard pile?

Gradually my perception evolved,
realizing the book had taken on the life of the ancients.
Now it not only was the words of men explaining the word of God,
but it had the atmosphere of the ages.

Speaking in sync with its historical time
the words made a greater sense.
They weren't at all the same words that I had to memorize in Sunday school -
But the hearts of men singing.