Wages of sin

Written by: anthony beesley

For the wages of sin is death...convicted and condemned now taking final breaths
In hot electric chairs and cold gas chambers
The voltage of vengeance stir onlookers with anger
They poke and they point...they scoff and they laugh
For the wages of sin is death

Looks are deceiving when love starts leaving
Lies and deceptions create crooked conceptions
Truth takes a train and men turn to monsters
Guilt and innocence get mixed in the puzzle
Like Rambos in jungles cuttin quick to make another kill
They eat the bread of violence and drink the wine of wrath
For the wages of sin is death

Walking in wastelands looking over their shoulders
Creeping up their spines like invisible spiders
High rollers and low riders
money multipliers to nickle dividers
Shaking hands with Satan now they burn to a crisp
Because the devil's never happy and fire's his only friend
For the wages of sin is death

Sin starts slow and picks up speed...slight breeeze to twisters in a blink and a beat
Cold to warmth to burning heat
Small victory to destructive defeat
Sleeping on streets all paved with fools gold
Souls get sold for a dollar and a sideshow
Spotlights shine and truth tells its tale
Remember this rhyme and remember what's said
For the wages of sin is death