Stupefied on Destinys Stage

Written by: Wiseton Prins

I am but like a reed in the river of life
Bent every which way the current decides
I care to stand but it is purposed unto me not to be that strong
I must heed the forces without and submit to them
I pine to cast a greater shadow on these waters I live
Put it is purposed to me not to be like a tree
How I wish to be different
How I wish the outside me reflect the me that I am inside
How I wish to make my mark as extraordinary
If only I could be informed of the intelligence of my future
Then I would aptly decide now how to react
But still this life being as it is
Today is the only time I can see
The rest only in my dreams and at the mercy of fate
Playing a stupefied game on the stage of destiny
How I wish for the genes within to evolve
And redefine me into a spectacularly wondrous tree
Holding my all with purpose and pride
Unafraid of the winds
Unbowed by the currents
A marvel for others to see
An example for those like me in the future to heed
The reed that turned into a tree
The dream that defied the structures of reality